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Portland, Oregon

Publications Guru, Writer, Editor, Print Production Manager

Print Production Management: Production of 16 weekly photo- and display-advertising publications in a three-shift composing department.
Design of Large Publications: Beyond the brochure: copyfitting, style sheets, visual and typographical coherence, imposition for effective and economical use of color, production-control standards for version- and issue-tracking.
Photojournalism: Paid experience in providing photos of sufficient quality to illustrate news and human-interest feature articles.
Writing & Editing: Paid experience in newswriting, feature writing, advertising, public relations, non-fiction, and software documentation. Created editorial standards with an eye to effective and economical publication design. Hired, managed, and edited the output of freelance writers in fields of travel writing and software documentation. Created, edited and rewrote content for websites, critiqued website design for information access.
Documentation & Training: Learning software applications and evaluating them in practice, developing workarounds, and training employees in a fast-paced print production environment. Creating software user manuals from specifications, interviews with designers/engineers, and hands-on evaluation.
Image Quality and File Integrity: Restoration and enhancement of degraded photos and artwork, work with artists to create technically appropriate images, troubleshooting files for RIP.

• Thorough knowledge of print publishing, from writing through bindery.
• Editorial and design sensibilities for informational writing, in print and on the Internet.
• Organization and management of large projects.
• Interpersonal management, employee development, and training skills.
• Cultural literacy and intellectual flexibility derived from broad education in the Liberal Arts.

Editing, print & web design, Raindog Editorial Services, 2006-2008
Work samples may be viewed at www.raindogeditorial.com.

Various Job Titles, Trader Publishing Company/Dominion Enterprises, Portland/Beaverton, Oregon, 1989-2006
Portland Auto Trader produced about 25,000 classified photo ads and 300-350 pages of display advertising in sixteen magazines each week, and uploaded everything to Trader’s national websites. In a normal workweek I supervised production artists; dealt with design challenges and bad customer art; resolved compatibility issues with customers’ files; created imposition specs for each week’s books; served as liason with our pressroom; provided inter-departmental training and troubleshooting, and supplied management information internally and to our home office in Norfolk, VA.

Freelance Writer: Photojournalism, Public Relations, Software User Manuals, 1979-1989
For a number of years I earned part or all of my living as a freelance writer, demonstrating a knack for pre­senting specialized information with a general audience in mind. My background as a printer allowed me to par­ticipate in budget, design, and purchasing decisions when clients were creating new publications.
Most of the photo-journalism work was for Ruralite Magazine, the public-relations voice for Bonneville Power Administration’s Rural Electric Cooperatives. The largest software documentation project was for Timberline Software’s first release of microcomputer-based accounting software, 1981-84.

Managing Editor, Beautiful America Publishing Company, Beaverton, Oregon, 1978-81
Beautiful America produced coffeetable books of scenic color photography. I wrote texts, hired and super­vised freelance writers, assisted in procuring photography, handled most of the liason and scheduling with color labs and pressrooms, and created an in-house typesetting department.

Photocomposition Supervisor, Times Litho, Forest Grove, Oregon, 1973-78
Times Litho produced three weekly newspapers and about 50 monthly publications for local business and professional organizations. I managed second-shift typesetting, pasteup and darkroom operations. This was like an apprenticeship to 50 of the city’s prominent editors and public relations chiefs, observing work in process and tracking it through the pressroom and bindery

Beautiful Portland, ISBN 0-915796-96-0.         Beautiful Minnesota, ISBN 0-915796-61-9.
Beautiful Texas, ISBN 0-915796-75-9.             Beautiful Manhattan, ISBN 0-89802-096-4.
Beautiful Ohio, ISBN 0-915796-77-5.              Beautiful Yosemite National Park, ISBN 0-89802-069-7.

In addition to the above, I have paid experience as a youth minister, a drug crisis counselor, a group-home foster parent, a farm caretaker, a bus driver, a bartender, and a country/bluegrass musician.


Robin P. Will

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