Newsletters: Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club


CPPC still prints and mails their newsletters to 160-plus members once a month! It is a busy car club, and newsletters contain schedules of upcoming activities, photos and reminiscences of activities past, technical articles about car restoration, and Wanted/For Sale advertisements specific to collectors and restorers of Plymouth automobiles. I poll the membership and board for news and photos, edit and write as necessary, and supply PDF documents and a mailing list (in Excel) to the printer. Another club member picks them up from the printer, applies address labels, and mails them. The link at right goes to the CPPC website, where I keep an archive of newsletters.


Newsletters: PFLAG Portland

  The Portland Chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays emails a newsletter to their membership once a month. Content arrives from PFLAG's president, and my job as editor is to make it all fit, reconcile graphics to the black-and-white format as necessary, and supply the finished version in grayscale PDF format. I email the finished newsletters through PFLAG's g-mail account, and send a second copy to a printer for snail-mail distribution. The link at right opens a sample issue in a separate window.
PFLAG link

Newsletters: The Chosin Few

  The Chosin Few (AKA the Frozen Chosin) is an association of the survivors of the battle and evacuation from the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War. Their newsletter editor was out sick for a couple of months, and I was recruited as a temporary replacement. I polled the board and membership for news items and photos, laid out the publication, and delivered print-optimized PDF files to the printer. A volunteer handled addressing and mailing. The image at right links to a PDF version of one of the two issues I created before their regular editor returned.
Chosin Few Thumb