Websites: Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest


GLAPN is a non-profit organization of local historians, dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of sexual minorities in the Pacific Northwest. Their website is a calendar of meetings and activities; it documents local events of interest in the community; it serves increasingly as a repository for scholarly articles and historic photos; and most recently, it is also a [PayPal] store offering videos of recent historic queer civil rights events. The logo at right is a link to the site.

GLAPN link

Websites: Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club

  Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club, based in Clackamas, OR, is one of the largest and most dynamic chapters of the National Plymouth Owners Club. More than 100 members, some with several cars, attend monthly meetings, plus cruise-ins, tours, swap meets and other car-related activities. They need an up-to-date calendar of club activities; and they enjoy sharing photos of recent activities; and they're building a backlog of technical articles for the would-be car-restorer. Each club car will eventually have its own web page in the new Members Cars section, and the Wanted/For Sale pages get lots of hits. The logo at right is a link to the site.
CPPC link

Websites: BullyStop

  Kerry Bassett has a fresh Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution, and a promising consulting practice helping organizations comply with the newest anti-bullying and safe workplace legislation. She needed more than a brochure and a business card to get her qualifications in front of the public. I made her a brochure and business cards too, but the link at right will take you to her website.
BullyStop link

Websites: My Very Own Special Body Book

  My Very Own Special Body Book is a colorful and charming publication that looks like a storybook. It is intended to be an easy, non-scary introduction to very young children about the subject of inappropriate touching. This site, as bright and colorful as the book itself, displays some sample pages, and discusses the rationale behind empowering children to say "no" to inapproriate touch. It also contains "buy-it-now" links, so books may be purchased online. The picture links to the site. MVOSBB link

Websites: Robin Will dot com

  My personal website is a catchall for things that interest me. There's an autobiography. There's substantial geneaological information, including a couple of historical puzzles that I'm hoping somebody can help me with. There are biographies of my two [late] canine companions. There are some very nice photographs that I don't get to show off anywhere else. I incorporated an WordPress blog into the site, named "Odd Man Out," thinking I would be blogging regularly, but that hasn't happened. Click on the link at right.
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